Voltarol Advert Music – Joint Pain Relief

This new Voltarol advert featuring a BeeGees cover song features ‘Grandpa’ applying the joint relief product to his knee to help him along trying to do the things he loves pain free.

We then see him later in the week after applying the 2.32% Gel, he heads for his garage to continue his passion, rebuilding a classic sidecar motorcycle.

The music in the Voltarol advert “To Love Somebody”

Music: To Love Somebody | Artist : MassiveMusic

The music in the new Voltarol advert is a cover version of the 1967 hit ‘To love somebody’ by British music group the BeeGees. Written by band members Barry and Robin Gibb, the song was second single to be released from their first self titled international debut album.

The cover version of ‘To Love Somebody’ in the Voltarol advert was recorded especially for the advert by music agency MassiveMusic. Another cover version of this song can be seen on a recent Renault Captur advert.

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