H&M Shades of Blue advert

H&M – Shades of Blue

This H&M advert for kids clothing titled ‘Shades of Blue’ features some young children playing air hockey with a blue basket ball and blue balloons. The children in the commercial are wearing H&M’s new denim collection for 2019. The music in the H&M Shades of Blue advert Music: Flickering Lights

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H&M First Signs of Spring advert

H&M – First Signs Of Spring

 Swedish clothing retail company H&M have launched their TV advert for their Spring collection titled ‘First Signs of Spring’. The ad features two models taking flower arrangements from the back of a pickup. They are also seen walking around the city with bunches of flowers. The music in the

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H&M - Shape Your Denim Advert

H&M – Shape Your Denim

 This H&M advert showcases the Swedish clothing retailer’s new Embrace stretch technology in their  jeans. The ad titled ‘Shape Your Denim’ features four female models wearing the jeans enjoying each others company in the city. The music in the H&M Denim advert Music: Flickering Lights | Artist: Amanda Bergman

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H&M - Under the Sun advert

H&M – Under The Sun

H&M have released this TV advert titled ‘Under the Sun’ for their 2018 summer clothing line. The Swedish fashion retailer welcomes viewers to the one-stop shop for all your summer days and stylish escapes. The commercial shows people all over the world travelling to the coast to enjoy the sun,

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H&M Spring 2018 Advert

H&M – Spring Collection 2018

H&M launch their Spring Collection for 2018 in this advert full of colour and dance. The commercial starring award-winning actors Winona Ryder and Elizabeth Olsen dance to H&M’s upbeat spring campaign to reveal what’s in store for the new season. The music in the H&M Spring 2018 advert Music: Know

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