Motorway Dealers Compete – Advert Music

This 2022 Motorway advert features a whole load of car dealers competing to get the best price on their used cars by dancing on some giant calculators.

The ad begins with an actress using the Motorway app on her mobile phone in the comfort of her living room. We are then transported to an arena with a used car in the middle. Surrounded by a whole load of giant calculators which is surrounded by hundreds of dealers poised and ready to make their bids.

However, the method of bidding is not what you might expect. The dealers use the calculators to bid with their feet somewhat resembling a large game of Dance Pad.

Eventually a lucky winner is decided and we are back in the living room where the actress looks at the Motorway app to see she has an offer for £14,300. She says to her husband “I’ve just sold the car!”

The music in the Motorway Dealers Complete advert

Song: Lose Control
Artist: Misy Elliot (ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)
Album: The Cookbook
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2005

The music in the 2022 Motorway advert is a song called ‘Lose Control’ recorded in 2005 by American rapper and producer Missy Elliot. The song features fellow rapper Fatman Scoop and singer Ciara. The song is taken from Missy Elliot’s sixth studio album ‘Cookbook’