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Citroën – 2019 Brand Campaign

Music: Take the Long Way Home | Artist: Roger Hodgson

Citroen - 2019 Brand Campaign

Citroën have launched episode 2 of their brand campaign after the launch of their first last year. This instalment features the hitchhiker once again in four brand new clips, featuring:…

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Citroen Cactus C4 – Hula Girl

Music: Pixies, Sylphs and Fairies | Artist: Pi Ja Ma

Citroen Cactus C4 - Hula Girl

This new Citroën Cactus C4 advert for the 3-series showcases the cars’ Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension through a little girl’s ornament. A daughter being driven by her father to a…

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Citroën – 100 Years

Music: Take The Long Way Home | Artist : Supertramp

Citroen - 100 Years

Citroën celebrate 100 years since the French car manufacturer was founded in 1919 with this promotion video. The brand reminds viewers of some of their most iconic models such as…

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Citroën C3 – 2019 Judo

Music: Streets and Stories | Artist : Part-Time Friends

Citroën C3 - 2019 Judo

Citroën promote their C3 supermini with this TV ad featuring a guy called Lucas who likes Judo. After a good workout being thrown around, he thoroughly enjoys Citroen’s new ultra…

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Citroën – C3 Aircross

Music: You Killed Me on the Moon | Artist : BLOW

Citroen - C3 Aircross

Citroën promote their C3 Aircross with this TV advert. The compact SUV offers “unrivalled spaciousness and interior versatility” according to the car brand’s YouTube channel. With the hashtag #EndlessPossibilities, Citroën…

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Citroën C5 – Aircross

Music: Black Nights | Artist : Yeast

Citroen C5 - Aircross

This advert by Citroën showcases their new C5 Aircross SUV. The comfort class SUV offers all-new customisation offering 30 exterior combinations. The advert highlights the effectiveness of the vehicle’s suspension…

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Citroen C4 SpaceTourer – The Weekender

Music: The Good Life (cover) | Artist : Tony Bennett
Citroen C4 SpaceTourer - The Weekender
This Citroen advert promoting the newly named C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer (previously known as C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso), shows a family driving in the

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Citroen – C4 Cactus

Music: All in All| Artist: Superjava
Citroen - C4 Cactus
Citroën promote “Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™” in the suspension and “Advanced Comfort Seats” of the C4 Cactus with this TV advert. It

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