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If you’re looking for a piece of music featured in a TV advert or trailer that is not listed on the site, you can use this discussion page to hunt down the information. Feel free to seek out or contribute to any TV music related information from here. Join in the discussion and you can even apply to become a Sounds-Familiar moderator yourself if you feel up to the challenge!

We can find music for TV advert music, series trailers and movie soundtracks. We can also identify music on adverts not aired on television (e.g. Adverts exclusively published on a brand’s YouTube channel)

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anthony parker
anthony parker
3 days ago

what is the moneysupermarket super seven music

Reply to  anthony parker
2 days ago

Hi Anthony

The instrumental music on the Money Supermarket is:-
‘I’m Coming Home Baby’ written in 1961 by Ben Tucker as an instrumental.
Lyrics were added and Mel Torme had a US top 40 hit.

Quincy Jones version:-

Just a case of finding the advert version.

Peter Davies
Peter Davies
5 days ago

What is the music in the Vax Platinum advert 2021?