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The Right Tunes Help Get the Job Done

Music helps get the job done
here’s no denying that music is powerful: It makes us move, smile, laugh, dance, cry, and so much more. Hearing the right song at the right time can immediately change our mood. It can get us excited about new TV shows and movies, influence what we buy and eat, and even affect where we travel for vacation…

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AA Red Dwarf – Stellar Rescue

Music: Red Dwarf Theme | Artist : Howard Goodall feat. Jenna Russell

AA Red Dwarf - Stellar Rescue

This Red Dwarf advert by the AA titled ‘Stellar Rescue’ brings us a short episode of the popular 90s British comedy franchise. The commercial brings us all the familiar characters

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William Hill – Anthony Joshua

Music: TBC | Artist : TBC

William Hill - Anthony Joshua

This latest William Hill advert features unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. The British professional boxer is seen in a boxing match with some slow-mo camera angles of him performing

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Spotify – Couch

Music: Naked as We Came | Artist : Iron and Wine

Spotify - Couch

This Spotify TV advert that promotes their “music for every mood” campaign features a women struggling to get up after sleeping on the couch. Her spotify “Mellow Morning” playlist attempts

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Amazon – You Get What You Need

Music: (You) Got What I Need | Artist : Freddie Scott (Cover)

Amazon - You Get What You Need

This Amazon TV commercial promotes the reseller’s products for dog owners. The ad shows a mans apprehensive reaction when his partner and children excitedly bring home a puppy. ..

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