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Zoopla – Tia and Jake

Music: Alone | Artist : Heart

Zoopla 2020 Advert Music

This new advert for 2020 by online property website Zoopla titled “Tia & Jake” features a power ballad classic by Heart. The commercial features a voice over by English actress

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NHS Organ Donation – Pass It On

Music: The End (Cover) | Artist : Earl Grant

NHS Organ Donation - Advert Song

This moving TV advert called ‘Pass It On’ by the NHS encourages families to talk about organ donation. The commercial shows a woman pass a balloon to a patient at a hospital window

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Pampers 2019 – Sleep Is Everything

Music: Lullaby | Artist : Sleeping At Last

Pampers 2019 - Sleep Is Everything Song

This new advert titled Sleep Is Everything by Pampers was released in November 2019 and features a song by Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping At Last). The commercial is filmed in the maternity ward of

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Amazon Music – A Voice Is All You Need

Music: Come Together | Artist : The Beatles

Amazon Music - A Voice Is All You Need

This latest advert for Amazon Music titled “A Voice Is All You Need” showcases the voice recognition abilities of Alexa. The commercial takes viewers on an eye-pleasing ride around some musical instruments…

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Peloton – Together We Ride

Peloton - Together We Ride Music

Peloton have released a new advert in 2019 titled “Together We Ride” featuring a male fitness instructor carrying out a class from a studio. In the commercial the instructor gives a fast-paced lesson

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Downy Infusions – Calm Dreams

Music: Hush Hush Baby | Artist : Lxandra

Downy Infusions - Calm Dreams Advert Song

This new advert by Downy (Known as Lenor in Europe) promotes their lavender ‘Infusions Calm’ fabric softener.

The ad features a young boy frightened by a night-time storm. He seeks comfort

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