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Apple Arcade – Hot Lava Trailer

Music: Jump Around | Artist : House of Pain

Apple Arcade - Hot Lava Trailer Music

As part of Apple’s new subscription-based gaming service ‘Apple Arcade’, the tech giant promotes the adventure video game that goes by the name of Hot Lava. The game is

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Which song will Apple use for the iPhone 11 Advert ?

Apple iPhone 11 Advert Song

With the Apple iPhone 11 launching on 10, September 2019 it's a good time to have a look at the amazing tracks and artists that the tech giant has discovered over the years. Apple have introduced us to a vast amount of music that we have now come to love

Introducing iPhone 11 Advert Music

Music: Brazooka | Artist : NVDES

Introducing iPhone 11 Advert -

Apple have launched their new iPhone 11 with this 2-minute video advert. The device is “ready for action” according to the tech giant as the commercial highlights a host of new features

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Apple AirPods – Bounce

Music: I Learnt Some Jazz Today | Artist : Tessellated

Apple AirPods - Bounce

Apple have launched this new black and White TV advert promoting their new AirPods. The advert titled ‘Bounce’ features a man using the new voice-activated Siri and wireless charging feature

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iPhone XR Battery Life – Up Late

Music: Stay Awake | Artist : Julie Andrews

iPhone XR Battery Life - Up Late

This new advert for the iPhone XR demonstrates “the longest battery life in an iPhone ever” with various people falling asleep while using their iPhone. Whether you’re watching a video,

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