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Amazon – You Get What You Need

Music: (You) Got What I Need | Artist : Freddie Scott (Cover)

Amazon - You Get What You Need

This Amazon TV commercial promotes the reseller’s products for dog owners. The ad shows a mans apprehensive reaction when his partner and children excitedly bring home a puppy. ..

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Try Before You Buy

Music: Eternal Flame | Artist : Bangles

Amazon Prime Wardrobe - Try Before You Buy

In this Amazon TV commercial the online retailer showcases their new Prime Wardrobe service which allows shoppers to Try Before You Buy. The advert shows a woman using the service…

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Amazon – Christmas 2018

Music: Can You Feel It | Artist : The Jacksons

Amazon - Christmas 2018

This Amazon Christmas 2018 advert features a series of delivery boxes singing out loud for those feeling the festive spirit. The music the boxes are singing is the 1980…

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Vitality – Amazon Prime

Music: Park Life | Artist : Blur

Vitality - Amazon Prime

Life and health insurance provider Vitality announce their partnership with Amazon Prime with this TV ad. Existing members can apply for free Prime Membership on the Vitality Member App. Us…

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