Coronation Street – Sinead’s Final Days Trailer

Music: How Long Will I Love You? | Artist : Ellie Goulding

Coronation Street - Sinead's Final Days Trailer

This new trailer by ITV promotes Coronoation Street’s upcoming conclusion to their heart breaking storyline ‘Sinead’s Final Days’. The trailer features snippets from episodes showing the character’s traumatic journey (played by Katie McGlynn)

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Vaillant – Get in to your comfort zone

Music: Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat Major, Op 9 | Artist : Frédéric Chopin

Vaillant - Get in to your comfort zone piano music

This soothing new advert for 2019 by Vaillant promotes the efficiency of their boilers with a simple, slow-zoom shot of a bathtub. The ad is set in a bathroom showing a hot steaming bath in the center.

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Churchill – Chill Advert

Music: O.D. | Artist : Britney Stoney

Churchill - Chill Advert Music

A new advert by Churchill insurance has a new look and feel compared to their previous adverts. The commercial features the beloved British Bulldog appearing very chilled out while skateboarding

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Audi Q5 – Hill descent control

Music: I Could Have Danced All Night (cover) | Artist : Julie Andrews

Audi Q5 - I could have danced all night song

This short advert by Audi highlights the hill descent control feature of the Audi Q5. The commercial features the 5-door SUV steadily decending a hill through rough terrain before mounting

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American Express – Right Behind You

American Express - Violin Song

Financial services multinational American Express have released this heart-warming advert titled ‘Right Behind You’. The commercial begins with a violinist playing in a concert hall and then goes on to show viewers

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Who sings the 2019 Rugby World Cup Theme Song?

Rugby World Cup 2019 - World In Union Song

With ITV bringing us live and exclusive coverage of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, many viewers are asking Who sings the Rugby World Cup theme song? The channel treats us with a snippet of the tournament’s official anthem before and after the commercial breaks.

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