BMW 1 Series – Skateboarding Chicken

Music: Like That | Artist : NGHTMRE & Big Gigantic

BMW 1 Series - Skateboarding Chicken

This latest BMW advert video promotes the all-new BMW 1 series with the help of a skateboarding chicken! The chicken hitches a ride by holding on to the back of

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Heinz Ketchup – Happy Together

Music: Happy Together | Artist : The Turtles

Heinz Ketchup - Happy Together

Heinz Ketchup have released this short TV commercial showing a close-up of the sauce bottle being poured on to a plate of crinkle cut chips. The 15-second ad then concludes

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PrettyLittleThing – x Ashanti

Music: Dejango | Artist : Afro Beats & Ashanti

PrettyLittleThing - x Ashanti

In this PrettyLittleThing TV advert for summer 2019 American performer Ashanti promotes the online fashion brand’s latest collection of bikinis and swimwear for this summer.
The music in the Pretty Little

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AA Red Dwarf – Stellar Rescue

Music: Red Dwarf Theme | Artist : Howard Goodall feat. Jenna Russell

AA Red Dwarf - Stellar Rescue

This Red Dwarf advert by the AA titled ‘Stellar Rescue’ brings us a short episode of the popular 90s British comedy franchise. The commercial brings us all the familiar characters

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Amazon – Keep Up

Music: (You) Got What I Need (cover) | Artist : Ashton Jones

Amazon - Keep Up

This latest advert from Amazon shows a Dad trying to keep up with his daughter’s ever changing hobbies and interests Whether it be playing football to BMX riding and ballet

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