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Nissan Micra – N-Sport

Music: Regular | Artist : Ateph Elidja

Nissan Micra - N-Sport

This new Nissan Micra advert promotes the new N-Sport using the tagline “Agile. Tech. Style”. The ad features a man on a rocket propelled hoverboard to mirror the features of…

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Peugeot 108 Collection – MIKA

Music: Love Today | Artist : MIKA

Peugeot 108 Collection - MIKA

This advert by Peugeot promoting their 108 collection features English singer-songwriter MIKA, well known for his colourful choice of attire is seen changing his costumes through the advert…

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Nissan Juke – Never compromise on technology

Music: Cream On Chrome | Artist : Ratatat

Nissan Juke - Never compromise on technology
Nissan promote their small SUV Juke following a through an exciting ride in the city. While enjoying his drive, the driver passes by other cars that try hard to copy Juke’s technology

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Nissan Micra – Airport Ride

Music Track: All This

Music Artist: Point Point

Nissan Micra - Airport Ride
The Nissan Micra advert recently released shows a couple taking some shortcuts to get to the airport for their flight. They make

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Nissan Qashqai – The Chase

Music Track: Paranoid

Music Artist: Black Sabbath

Nissan Qashqai - The Chase
Nissan promote their new Qashqai with this advert featuring a chase scene with a motorcycle. The heavy metal music is the

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