Toyota Yaris Advert Song – Gymnast

This new Toyota Yaris advert for 2021 titled ‘Why Stop?” features a song by Random Recipe and features American gymnast Katelyn Ohashi.

In the commercial we see the gymnast performing a plethora of cartwheels, spins, somersaults and leaps down a gridlocked Cape Town street.

The advert features a barber watching one of the gymnasts performances on TV in amazement.

Katelyn’s grand finale in the advert is when she leaps up in to the air at impossibly height before landing inside a shiny new Toyota Yaris. We then hear Katelyn in a voice-over saying “When you have the energy to keep going, why stop?”.

Below is a YouTube video of the floor performance by Katelyn Ohashi that was briefly seen in the Toyota commercial.

The music in the Toyota Yaris advert

Music: Out of the Sky | Artist : Random Recipe

The music in the 2021 Toyota Yaris Gymnast advert is a song called “Out of the Sky” recorded in 2018 by Canadian musical group Random Recipe. The song features in their fourth studio album “Distractions”.

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