McDonald’s Advert Music – Essential Ingredients

The 2021 McDonald’s advert titled ‘Essential Ingredients’ informs viewers how more than 23,000 British and Irish farmers produce the quality ingredients that go into your favourite burgers and fries.

The commercial shows various farmers up and down the country busy producing the eggs, pork, beef and veg that serve the giant fast-food chain. Meanwhile a voice-over says “well actually our most essential ingredient is.. Ellen Sims and over 23,000 other British and Irish farmers who help make your favourites.”

The music in the 2021 McDonald’s Essential Ingredients advert

Music: Best of My Love | Artist : The Emotions

The music in the background of the 2021 McDonald’s Essential Ingredients advert is a song called “Best of My Love” released in 1977 by American disco band, The Emotions. The song taken from the band’s fourth studio album ‘Rejoice’ topped the US Hot 100 and US Billboard R&B Charts. The song also reached number 4 in the UK Singles Chart.

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