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Audi Q5 – Hill descent control

Music: I Could Have Danced All Night (cover) | Artist : Julie Andrews

Audi Q5 - I could have danced all night song

This short advert by Audi highlights the hill descent control feature of the Audi Q5. The commercial features the 5-door SUV steadily decending a hill through rough terrain before mounting

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Audi A1 – Synchronised Swim

Music: Follow You Follow Me | Artist: Faultline Ft. Rina Mushonga

Audi A1 - Synchronised Swim

Audi promote the new Audi A1 Sportback with this TV ad. The advert features the A1 “synchronised swimming” with an Audi saloon in an almost emptied swimming pool. The ad…

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Audi R8 – Pleasure To Follow

Music: Close To You (cover) | Artist : Reneé Dominique

Audi R8 - Pleasure To Follow

This Audi R8 advert video promotes the sports car being followed in convoy by all manor of vehicles. The ad titled “Pleasure To Follow” demonstrates how irresistible the German sports car…

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Audi – Cashew Superbowl 2019

Music: Spirit In The Sky | Artist : Norman Greenbaum

Audi - Cashew Superbowl 2019

This funny Audi TV advert for the 2019 Superbowl called Cashew showcases their electric car with a man in a dream state. His grandpa shows him an Audi E-tron in…

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Audi e-tron – Electric has gone Audi

Music: To Build a Home (feat. Patrick Watson) | Artist : The Cinematic Orchestra

Audi e-tron - Electric has gone Audi

Audi showcase their first all-electronic car, the Audi e-tron with this TV ad. Featuring some celeb greats such as Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley, the ad highlights how the car…

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Audi Q8 – Big Entrance

Music: Requiem II: Dies Irae (Verdi) | Artist : Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra

Audi Q8 - Big Entrance

Audi promote their new Q8 SUV with this TV ad showing the new arrival fresh out of a shipping container. The vehicle makes a ‘big entrance’ to the sound of…

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Audi Technology – Escape

Music: Easy | Artist : The Commodores

Audi Technology - Escape

Audi have launched this martial arts themed TV advert where a man is chased by an angry gang and finds safety inside an Audi A8L. The luxury saloon provides all…

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Audi Approved – Dream

Music: All I Do Is Dream Of You (Feat. Dodie) | Artist : Faultline

Audi Approved - Dream

This TV advert by Audi says that “It doesn’t have to be new to be everything you dreamed of” as they promote the reliably attractive looks, impeccable handling and exhilarating drive…

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