Rightmove Scarecrow – Advert Music

Here we have the new Rightmove advert for 2022 titled ‘One Day Could Be The Today’ featuring a scarecrow that frees itself from a field. The ad begins by showing the scarecrow overlooking a nearby town. We then see a woman (who curiously has bits of straw on her) looking at her reflection in a window then being greeted by a dog. The woman finally looks longingly at a beautiful house.

As the advert progresses, it becomes clear that the scarecrow is in fact the woman who appears trapped as a scarecrow longing to have a roof of her own over her head.

The final part of this 60-second ad shows two children cycling past the scarecrow and they drop a mobile phone. A crow pecks the mobile device to open the Rightmove app. The scarecrow picks it up off the ground, sees the app. The scare crow once again turns in to the woman who decides to free herself and run towards the town. Likely the woman is running to fulfil her dreams of renting or buying a house in the country.

The music in the Rightmove Scarecrow advert

Music: Girl | Artist : SYML

The music in the 2022 Rightmove Scarecrow advert is a song called ‘Girl’ recorded in 2019 by SYML. The name represents the solo venture of American indie singer-songwriter Brian Fennell.

Brian wrote the son girl for his daughter Josephine who was diagnosed with a disorder that caused her skull to close too soon. Fennell left a message in his music video for the song saying:

“What my daughter has been through in the past year has astonished us all. At such a young age, she’s already shown incredible strength of heart and spirit. With the video for this song, I wanted to capture what it is to be a kid.”

Watch the moving full official music video on YouTube:

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