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SoundsFamiliar started with humble beginnings back in 1999. I had fond memories of the great adverts of the 80’s such as Levi’s and Guinness offering us some wonderfully memorable ads. They were largely made memorable by their cleverly picked music. This inspired me to start a website to help viewers identify the music played during TV advert commercials.

The site rapidly grew from strength to strength throughout the naughties with more help coming on-board along the way. The SoundsFamiliar team are now pleased to say that despite respectable competition, we currently still have the most comprehensive UK TV advert database on the net featuring everything from old classics to funny parodies and the latest ads to hit your television screens.

We are always adding new content and new tools to the site to help visitors find what they want while still making the site a nice place to simply have a nose around and watch some classic or funny TV ads.

In early 2016, SoundsFamiliar had a huge overhaul with an all new responsive layout. This brought with it a mobile and tablet friendly site with countless new features and content. The migration process completed in the spring. The old site was eventually made redundant in the summer of 2016. Visitor numbers are very high but we make sure our servers are more than up to the job, most especially around the hype of Christmas TV advert season!


How to use SoundsFamiliar

There are a number of ways that you can find the advert you are looking for. You can simply use the search button at the top of every page, use the A-Z page to find the appropriate brand or use the Category and Cloud Tag sections featured on the right hand side of all our pages. Should you not find the TV commercial you’re looking for, please feel free to use our advert request page and a member of our team will get on to finding it for you. Please note that sometimes we have a high number of enquiries so please be patient.

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