KFC Chicken Town Advert

KFC – Chicken Town

Re-introduced for 2022, the KFC advert called Chicken Town is back. The ad features many fried chicken restaurants that try to imitate the international fast food chain. The video features Colonel Sanders driving by a whole host of these restaurants with obvious copycat branding from AFC right through to ZFC.

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Strongbow ULTRA - Goat Advert

Strongbow ULTRA Dark – Goat Advert

 Here’s the latest advert from Strongbow promoting their Strongbow ULTRA cider. The ad features a nodding purple goat encouraging viewers to “Drink The G.O.A.T.’ Possibly the most bizarre advert of 2022 so far and certainly one of the strangest released by Strongbow. Strongbow ULTRA is an all new dark

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Airbnb Relax-Ay-Voo - Advert Song

Airbnb Relax-Ay-Voo – Advert Song

Here another new Airbnb advert which highlights the “Amazing Pools” category on the platform. This is the latest of many different airbnb ads over the past year as part of the huge “Made possible by hosts” campaign. This ad features photographer Venetia who wanted nothing more than a weekend away

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I Saw It First Summer - Advert Song

I Saw It First Summer – Advert Song

This new I Saw It First advert for 2022 heats things up as the English fashion brand showcases it’s summer collection. Featuring various male and female models at holiday locations, the advert says “You’ve got plans, we’ve got outfits. Your summer wardrobe sorted”. The music in the I Saw It

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