AA Dog Advert Song – Love that feeling

Returning in 2022, the AA have relaunched their advert titled ‘Love that feeling?’ which features a dog who’s missing those road trips in the car. He wants to re-live the feeling of riding in a car with their head out of the window.

In the commercial we see how the clever canine finds an ingenious way to recreate the feeling of wind blowing in the face. The advert concludes by saying “We’ll get you back on the road”.

What’s the music in the new AA Dog advert?

Music: Drinkee | Artist : Sofi Tukker

The music in the new AA dog advert is a song called ‘Drinkee’ released in 2016 by American musical duo Sofi Tukker. The song which is sung in Portuguese is inspired by the poem “Relógio” by Brazilian poet Chacal.

Sofi Tukker’s music has featured in a number of TV adverts before including a few Apple iPhone adverts, a Smirnoff ad and a PrettyLittleThing commercial which also featured the song ‘Drinkee’.

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