Strongbow ULTRA - Goat Advert

Strongbow ULTRA Dark – Goat Advert

 Here’s the latest advert from Strongbow promoting their Strongbow ULTRA cider. The ad features a nodding purple goat encouraging viewers to “Drink The G.O.A.T.’ Possibly the most bizarre advert of 2022 so far and certainly one of the strangest released by Strongbow. Strongbow ULTRA is an all new dark

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Heineken Silver - Advert Song

Heineken Silver – Advert Song

This new Heineken Silver advert for 2022 titled “Extra Fresh for real” features a woman who appears to be drinking the beer on an idyllic beach location. However she is actually sat at a bar window where a lorry has momentarily stopped outside with the beach scene on the side

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Malibu Rum - Call Me Maybe

Malibu Rum – Call Me Maybe

This new advert by Malibu Rum titled Welcome to Malibu which reimagines Malibu as more than just rum and invites viewers “Do Whatever Tastes Good”. In this world everyone is unplugged and can embrace the things they love as the Caribbean rum brand seeks to embrace that summer energy. In

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