Revolut Your Way In – Advert Music

This Revolut advert for 2022 titled ‘Your Way In’ is a new campaign by the British finance tech company promoting their app.

The company specialises in mobile banking, card payments and foreign exchange. In the ad we see various users of the app crashing through walls, doors, train carriages and even 2nd floor windows while still sat in their chair (or exercise bike!).

These scenes are reflecting how users of the app are empowered to burst their way in to financial arenas. Traditionally, entering in to rewarding opportunities in money has not been available to everyone, been too expensive or too complicated. Revolut (the clue is in the name) intends to change that landscape with its app.

With a cost-of-living crises affecting all of us in one way or another, many of us will be exploring new ways to manage their finances. Seeking more financial freedom and financial confidence. This plays directly in to Revolut’s narrative..

The music in the Revolut advert

Song: Excusez Moi
Artist: Sef
Album: Excusez Moi
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2017

The music in the 2022 Revolut advert is a song called ‘Excusez Moi’ recorded in 2017 by Moroccan-Duch rapper Sef. Sef’s real name is Yousef Gnaoui. The song is the title track of Sef’s studio album.

Listen to the full track on this YouTube video: