Strongbow ULTRA Dark – Goat Advert

Here’s the latest advert from Strongbow promoting their Strongbow ULTRA cider. The ad features a nodding purple goat encouraging viewers to “Drink The G.O.A.T.’ Possibly the most bizarre advert of 2022 so far and certainly one of the strangest released by Strongbow.

Strongbow ULTRA is an all new dark fruit light cider containing only 95 calories per serving. The simple ad concludes with the tagline “New Tastes Good”.

The music in the Strongbow ULTRA advert

Song: Daga Da
Artist: Sammy Virji
Album: We’ll Be Alright
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2021

The music in the Strongbow ULTRA Goat advert is a song called “Daga Da” released in 2021 by British musician Sammy Virji. The track is taken from Virji’s EP We’ll Be Alright.

Oxford-born Sammy Virji made his mark with his distinctive sound into the UK Bass and Garage scenes. He has regular DJ sets around the UK.

Listen to the full track on this official YouTube Video from Sammy’s channel: