Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 – Cat Advert

Samsung have release this new advert to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Featuring a cat and two canine friends who decide to go on a selfie marathon with the device.

In the commercial, we see a group of housemates posing on the sofa while a cat watches intently. When the group eave the room, the cat wastes no time and promptly pushes the device on to the floor (while still in flip mode) and begins taking selfies. The cat then invites two dogs to join in the action.

The music in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 advert

Song: Struttin’
Artist: Thumpasaurus
Album: Thumperverse
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2021

The music in the 2022 Samsung Galxy Flip 4 Cat advert is a song called ‘Struttin’ recorded in 2021 by American Los Angeles-based funk band Thumpasaurus.

Listen to the full track on this (rather bizarre) music video taken from Thumpasaurus’ official YouTube Channel: