O2 Priority Experiences Advert – It’s Good To Be Back (Ooh Child Song)

This brand new O2 Priority Experiences advert titled ‘It’s Good To Be Back’ features a re-recording of the classic song “Ooh Child”. The ad follows a series of people as they get ready to go out after a year of restrictions and lock-downs.

We see the familiar scene of youngsters getting their hair cut at home and also a young women dying her hair over the kitchen sink! Along side them all is O2’s blue robot Bubl that featured in the previous Don’t Miss Out advert.

The commercial then shows the robot turning the power back on for theatres, stadiums and amusement parks to symbolise the relaxation of restrictions this month. The commercial is designed to draw attention to the large range of entertainment and leisure activities that O2 Priority will open up access to for its customers.

The advert concludes with a voice-over saying “It’s good to be back. Priority Experiences only on O2.”

The music in the O2 Priority Experiences advert

Music: Ooh Child | Artist : Anne Marie (Feat. House Gospel Choir)

The music in the 2021 O2 priority Experiences advert is a re-recording of the song “Ooh Child” performed by English singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and the UK-based House Gospel Choir.

According to the Official HGC website:

The House Gospel Choir shows bring together a group of outstanding singers, a full house band and DJ, creating an effortless live fusion of the biggest house and gospel tunes that never fail to raise the roof!

“O-o-h Child” was originally recorded by Chicago soul family group the Five Stairsteps in 1970 and reached number 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The single was the group’s last R&B top 40 hit and has become the Stairsteps’ signature song with more than 20 covers since its release. These covers include, The Spinners (1970), Nina Simone (1971), Dusty Springfield (1971) and many many more.

The song features the lyrics “Ooh child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child, things’ll get brighter… someday, yea”. These lyrics fit perfectly with the campaign’s message from O2.

It is hoped that a full version single will be released of this cover. If we hear any news we will update this page. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, you can listen to the full original track by The Five Stairsteps on this YouTube video:

Download track on Amazon Music