Chanel No 5 Advert Music – We’re on each others team

This Chanel No 5 advert being is still being aired in 2021 and 2022 and promotes the fragrance with a dance set on the moon.

In the commercial we see French ballet dancer Jérémie Bélingard and French actress Marion Cotillard embracing each other and performing a contemporary dance on the moon.

The music in the Chanel No 5 advert

Music: Team (Lorde Cover) | Artist : Marion Cotillard

The music in the Chanel no 5 advert is a cover song of a track called ‘Team’ being performed by the actress herself, Marion Cotillard.

The song featuring the lyrics “And you know we’re on each other’s team” was co-written and recorded by the New Zealand singer Lorde in 2013. The song featured on the artist’s debut studio album ‘Pure Heroine’.

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