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Spotify – Singalong

Music: No More “I Love You’s” | Artist : Annie Lennox

Spotify - Singalong

This Spotify TV advert features a man tentatively singing along to music in his car when he realises that people are watching him. His inhibitions are all gone once he

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O2 – Custom Plans

Music: Happy Man | Artist : Jungle

O2 - Custom Plans

This new O2 advert features a woman appearing to swing side-to-side like a pendulum. This is to symbolise how life has its own rhythm, always changing, forever moving from one

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BT – Complete Wi-Fi

Music: Teenage Kicks | Artist : The Undertones

BT - Complete Wi-Fi

BT promote their Complete Wi-Fi solution in the TV ad. The communications brand guarantee a strong signal in every room of your home with the help of Wi-Fi Discs that…

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