O2 Advert Song – Road Trip

This new O2 advert promoting their Plus Plans once again features the media company’s robot, Buble. In the ad we see a three friends going on a road trip along with Buble the robot.

When they arrive at a festival in their Volkswagen minibus Bubl switches on a load of lights inside the vehicle much to the delight of the rest of his crew

The music in the 2021 O2 advert

Music: Feels Right | Artist : Biig Piig

The music in the background of the new 2021 O2 Plus Plans advert is a song called ‘Feels Right’ released in 2020 by Jessica Smyth, better known by her stage name Biig Piig.

Jessica is an Irish singer and rapper, based in West London. For those who might be wondering, Smyth found the pseudonym ‘Biig Piig’ on a pizza menu!

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