Bisto Advert Song – By Your Side

Gravy powder brand Bisto have launched their first TV advertising campaign in six years with this new advert.

In the commercial we follow the partnership between two girls as they grow up through their childhood together. All the while they are of course always sharing Bisto gravy during their meals through the years.

The ad continues now with the couple through adulthood, we see the two women as parents as they look onwards at their own two girls enjoying Bisto just as they did. A voice-over then says the classic tagline of the brand “aah Bisto”.

The music in the Bisto advert

Music: By Your Side ? | Artist : Ben Cocks

The music in the Bisto advert is a song by London-based singer-songwriter Ben Cocks. Ben has recorded many music tracks for hit TV shows, trailers and commercials.

Although we don’t yet know the title of the song, we are calling it “(Your friends are always) By Your Side” as this appears to be the main lyric in the chorus. The lyrics we hear in the ad are:

Is it one of those days,
When nothing goes your way,
When you don’t want to moan
But You should have stayed at home
Then everythin’ would have been ok

Given the quality of the song, and the musician who created it, we suspect this may become commercially available soon so watch this space…