O2 Advert Music 2021 – Don’t Miss Out

This new O2 advert titled ‘Don’t Miss Out’ with a blue robot features music by Wilma Vitra.

In the 40-second commercial we see a man in his flat watching Bubl the robot being delivered to O2 customers along with their new mobile phones. We hear a voice-over in the ad provided by actor Sean Bean saying “There’s a reason so many people are choosing O2”. He then goes on to say “Don’t miss out. With our low prices, it’s the perfect time to be with O2.”

After witnessing this golden opportunity to have his own personal Bubl robot, the man obviously goes on to order a new phone of his own on the O2 network.

The music in the new O2 ‘robot’ advert

Music: Shallow Grave | Artist : Wilma Vritra

The music in the O2 Don’t Miss Out 2021 advert is a song called “Shallow Grave” released in 2019 by American-British collaboration, Wilma Vritra consisting of London-based Wilma Archer and LA-based rapper Pyramid Vritra.

The song features on their debut album ‘Burd’.

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