McDonald’s – Night Workers

This new McDonald’s advert titled “Night Workers” features music by Hattie Webb providing a cover version of a 90’s classic dance tune.

In the commercial we follow a series of invisible staff as they work through their night shifts for the fast food chain. We see three levitating coffee cups making their way to an office, a sponge scrubbing a fire engine and a lone hoover clearing confetti from an empty stage. This advert is paying homage to McDonald’s night workers to promote their 24-hour restaurants.

McDonald's Rhythm if the Night advert music
McDonald’s Night Workers Advert

The music in the advert

Music: Rhythm of the Night (cover) | Artist : Hattie Webb

The music in the 2020 McDonald’s Night Workers advert is a cover version of the 1993 dance hit “Rhythm of the Night” by Eurodance group Corona. The slowed-down piano version in the advert is performed by English singer Hattie Webb. She is a member of the musical duo The Webb Sisters.

Despite being used in a previous Mcdonald’s advert called We Are Awake back in 2016, this version of the Rhythm of the Night is not currently available for download. The song was likely recorded especially for McDonald’s the first time round and has been used again for this 2020 campaign.

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