McDonalds – ‘Rhythm of the Night’ We Are Awake

[UPDATE]: If you are looking for the new 2020 ‘Night Workers’ Rhythm of the Night advert featuring the same song as this one, you can see it here

This advert by McDonald’s features a selection of night scenes with people going about their business. Featuring music from a cover version of ‘Rhythm of the Night’, the commercial highlights  that there are over 600 McDonald’s restaurants open 24 hours.

The Music in the McDonald’s We Are Awake Advert

Music: Rhythm of the Night (cover) | Artist : Hattie Webb

The music in the ad is a slowed down cover version of 1993 dance hit ‘The Rhythm of The Night’ recorded by dance group Corona. The piano version in the advert is It’s performed by The Arch Birds ft Hattie Webb but is not currently available for download. The original by Corona however is available on iTunes or Amazon Music

Download track on iTunes  Download track on Amazon Music