McDonald’s McCrispy Advert – Maya Jama and Keith Lemon

This new McDonald’s advert promotes the launch of their McCrispy chicken burger in 2022. The ad stars TV presenters Maya James and Keith Lemon.

In the commercial Maya Jama is seen talking to various friends and colleagues (including Keith Lemon) about the new McCrispy chicken burger. Keith exclaims that the burger is “bang tidy”. Everybody seems to be loving the new addition to McDonald’s menu.

McDonald’s new 100% chicken breast fillet with crispy, crunchy coating is actually a permanent addition to their non-breakfast menu. This hasn’t happened for around 15 years!

The music in the McDonald’s McCrispy advert

Song: edamame
Artist: bbon$ & Rich Brian
Album: eat ya veggies
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2021

The music in the McDonald’s McCrispy advert is a song called ‘edamame’ recorded in 2021 by Canadian rapper bbno$ and Indonesian rapper and songwriter Rich Brian (real name Brian Imanuel Soewarno). The track was released as a single from the rap artists’ sixth album ‘eat ya veggies’.

Watch the official music video taken from the bbno$ & Rich Brian YouTube channel: