Samsung Galaxy S20 Advert – Found

This new TV advert by Samsung set at a pool party features music by DJ Shadow in collaboration with American hip hop trio De La Soul. In the commercial we are introduced to the power of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphone.

A girl is seen taking photos of the party and taking advantage of its features such as 8K Video Snap, 100X Space Zoom, a whopping 108MP High Resolution camera, Bright Night and 5G Speed. The ad concludes by saying “Found with Galaxy S20 Series” as a man arrives at the party in the evening asking the girl “What’d I miss?”. The girl is obviously now well equipped to show the man what went on at the party.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Advert Music
2020 Samsung Galaxy S20 Advert – Pool Party

The music in the advert

Music: Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul) | Artist : DJ Shadow

The music in the 2020 Samsung Galaxy S20 Advert is a song called “Rocket Fuel” released last year by DJ and American record producer Joshua Davis, better known by his stage name “DJ Shadow”. The song was produced in collaboration with American hip hop trio De La Soul as a debut single for DJ Shadow. The track features on DJ Shadow’s sixth studio album “Our Pathetic Age”.

In the advert we hear the lyrics

“Are you ready? (Ready) set? (Set)
Jump to the rhythm as hard as you can go
Keep it steady (steady), to the let it rock (bet)”

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