McDonald’s Advert Music – Oh Yeah!

This 2023 McDonald’s advert titled ‘Raise Your arches’ features workers signalling that it’s time to go and get a McDonald’s by raising their eyebrows.

A female office worker suggests getting some Maccy D’s by simply writing a letter M on a yellow post-it note. The message then spreads through the office as everybody immediately knows what the eyebrow gesture means.

The advert concludes with a practically empty office at lunch-time and viewers being asked ‘Fancy a McDonald’s?

The music in the McDonald’s eyebrows advert

Song: Oh Yeah
Artist: Yello
Album: Stella
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1985

The music in the McDonald’s eyebrow advert is a song called ‘Oh Yeah’ that was released in 1985 by Swiss electronic duo Yello.

The track featured in the band’s fourth studio album ‘Stella’ and gained in popularity after featuring in the 80’S American comedy films Ferris Bueller’s Day and The Secret of My Success.

The song has become synonymous with the longing of material gain or lust. This is why the distinctive track has featured in many further films, series and TV advertisements.