McDonalds McDelivery Advert Song – I Think We’re Alone Now

Still airing this year, McDonald’s released another McDelivery advert titled ‘My House My Rules’ which features various customers enjoying their McDelivery at home alone.

In the commercial we see one woman has a drawer stacked full of various dip flavours ready to indulge in her delivered fast food.

We also see someone filling their burger with fries, a woman using a knife and fork to eat her Big Mac and a girl dipping her chicken nugget in to three different flavoured dips. She then proceeds to  eat the dip in front of her jealous cat. The ad concludes by saying “There’s nothing quite like a McDelivery”.

The music in the McDonalds McDelivery advert

Music: I Think We’re Alone Now | Artist : Tiffany

The music in the 2021 McDelivery advert is a song called “I Think We’re Alone Now” that was recorded by American singer-songwriter Tiffany Darwish (known simply as Tiffany) in 1987. The song spent two weeks at number 1 in the charts of various countries including the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.

The song was written and composed by American singer-songwriter Ritchie Cordell in 1967. It became a hit for American pop-rock band James and the Shondells that year. Tiffany’s cover however is arguably the more recognised version.

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