McDonald’s McSpicy Advert Song – McSpicy Face

This new advert from McDonald’s invites viewers to ‘Own Your McSpicy Face’ as we witness the facial expressions of various people who have taken a bite of the McSpicy.

The chicken burger contains 100% chicken breast fillet in a chilli marinade and spicy crispy coating served with lettuce and creamy sauce.

A voice-over concludes the ad by saying “The McSpicy is here to stay”.

The music in the McDonald’s McSpicy advert

Song: Coming in Hot
Artist: Andy Mineo, Lecrae
Album: n/a
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2018

The music in the McDonald’s McSpicy 2023 advert is a song called “Coming in Hot” released in 2018 by American hip-hop artist Andy Mineo. The track features American rapper, singer-songwriter Lecrae (full name Lecrae Devaughn Moore).