2021 Tofoo Advert Song – Like Nothing Else

Tofoo have released this new advert titled ‘Like Nothing Else’ which stars English actor Solomon Golding.

In the advert we see Solomon dressed is various different outfits while a voice-over describes a selection of Tofoo meals. They are described as “Real filthy, real saucy, real naughty real hot and real irresistible.”

The music in the 2021 Tofoo advert

Music: Teke | Artist : Toya Delazy

The music in the background of the Tofoo advert is a song called “Teke” that was recorded in 2021 by London-based South African singer-songwriter Toya Delazy.

Toya is known for her signature music genre called “AfroRave” which infuses techno, drum & bass and beats with Zulu lyricism. Delazy was nominated Bes International act category at the 2013 BET Awards and also won Newcomer of the year, Best Pop Album and Best Producer at the 2013 South African Musc Awards.

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