Walkers Baked Advert Song – Magic

Here is the new Walkers Baked advert for 2022 promoting their baked crisps. The short ad shows people peering in to their ovens as they eagerly watch various foods bake.

From jacket potatoes and pies to exploding cakes and turkey dinosaurs, we see all kinds of warmed up foodstuffs. Viewers are then transported to the inside of a Walkers crisp packet as a voice-over says “Walkers Baked, when life gives you potatoes, bake crisps”.

The music in the Walkers Baked advert

Song: Magic
Artist: Pilot
Album: From the Album of the Same Name
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1974

The music in the background of the Walkers Baked advert is the 1974 hit song ‘Magic’ recorded by Scottish pop rock band Pilot. Magic was written by band members David Paton and Billy Lyall and became the band’s first hit single.

The single was taken from their debut album ‘From the Album of the Same Name’.