Purple Bricks Advert Music – Let’s get you sold

This new Purple Bricks advert for 2021 titled ‘Let’s get you sold’ stars British stand-up comedian Mo Gilligan on an epic tour of the UK. The TV personality meets a variety of characters along the way, turning their For Sale boards to Sold as he goes.

Sometimes he shoots out purple lightning, sometimes he clicks his fingers, sometimes he sells a house with just a look as if by magic! The ad concludes with the star asking viewers “why wouldn’t you use Britain’s biggest estate agent brand?” while stood atop the white cliffs of Dover.

The music in the Purple Bricks advert

Music: *Unknown* | Artist : *Unknown*

The music in the background of the 2021 Purple Bricks advert is currently unidentified. It may be that this jungle was created especially for the commercial.

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