Uber Eats Advert Music – Nails

This new 2022 Uber Eats advert titled Nails continues the food delivery service’s ‘Do Less’ campaign.

In the commercial we see a man with long, colourful nails ordering a pepperoni pizza on his mobile phone. Sitting next to his partner on a bed listening to music on headphones, he begins to massage his nails down her back.

As with previous Uber Eats ‘Do Less’ campaigns, the ad demonstrates that the service not only delivers your food, it delivers some downtime to embrace the ‘Art of doing less’.

The music in the Uber Eats advert

Song: Sharing The Night Together
Artist: Dr. Hook
Album: Pleasure and Pain
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1978

The music in the Uber Eats nails advert is a song called ‘Sharing The Night Together’ released by American rock band Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show in 1978.

The song was originally recorded by Lenny LeBlanc and then Arthur Alexander in 1976 but later produced as a single two years later by Ron Haffkine and performed by Dr. Hook from their album Pleasure and Pain.

Listen to the full trakc on this YouTube video: