Virgin Media Advert Song – Faster brings us closer

This brand new Virgin Media advert titled “Faster brings us closer” stars London-based rapper and musician Lava la Rue. The ad begins with the musician playing an old cassette tape of a song recorded by her dad called ‘For You’. She then uploads and posts it online with the title “My Dad Back In The Day”.

Virgin Media 2021 Advert - Cassette
Virgin Media 2021 Advert – Cassette from 1996

She then gets replies from listeners. One of them called Uncle B replies “Look what I’ve just found!” With a link to a video containing a live performance of the song in 1996.The young musician decides to create a mash up of the song bringing the two generations together in the form of music.

Of course she manages to do this with the help of Virgin Media’s ‘lighting-fast’ broadband.

The music in the Virgin Media advert

Music: For You | Artist : *Unknown*

The music in the new 2021 Virgin Media Advert is a jungle song called “For You” from 1996. We cannot confirm if the track was ever released.

The second song in the advert is an un-named track by London-based rapper and musician Lava la Rue. The song may have been recorded especially for the advert. We will update this article when we find out more…