Virgin Red Advert Song – Red Balloons

Virgin promote their new Virgin Red rewards club with this uplifting advert titled “Find What Blows Your Bubble”. In the advert we see a woman blowing a huge red bubble with bubble gum.

In the commercial we see the woman fly in to the air with her bubble. We see many other people in the sky doing the same thing. The campaign shows that whoever you are and whatever you’re into, life can always be more rewarding.

A voice-over then says “Life is about to get a lot more rewarding. Welcome to Virgin Red, the new rewards club from Virgin”

The song in the Virgin Red advert

Music: 99 Red Balloons (Jolt Arrangement) | Artist : Grace Carter

The music in the Virgin Red advert is a re-recording of the 1980s classic song “99 Red Balloons” recorded by British singer-songwriter Grace Carter alongside a 36-piece Berlin orchestra.

99 Red Balloons was originally recorded as “99 Luftballons” in 1983 by German band Nena taken from their self-titled album. The song enjoyed great success becoming number 1 in most charts across Europe and number 1 in the US.

An English-language version titled “99 Red Balloons” (of which this advert version is re-recording) features different lyrics by Kevin McAlea. This version was also released topping the charts of the UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Listen to the original English version in full on Nena’s official YouTube video:

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