Virgin Media Advert Music – Cow Riding Motorbike

This bizarre 2022 Virgin Media advert features a highland cow riding a motorbike to the backdrop of an eighties power ballad.

This charming ad asks viewers ‘Why walk when you can ride?’ using the scene of a cow atop a Triumph Bonneville motorbike. This serves as the perfect analogy to choosing Virgin Media over other broadband products.

The advert concludes with a voice-over saying “Introducing the fastest Wi-Fi guarantee of any major provider” as the cow rides off on a mountainous road.

The music in the Virgin Media advert

Song: She’s Like The Wind
Artist: Patrick Swayze feat. Wendy Fraser
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 1987

The music in the Virgin Media riding cow advert is a song called ‘She’s Like The Wind’ recorded in 1987 by the late American actor and singer Patrick Swayze.

The iconic song was made famous by featuring on the soundtrack to the romantic drama dance film Dirty Dancing.

Starring Swayze himself alongside Jennifer Grey, the film enjoyed very positive reviews and was the first to sell more than a million copies for home video.

The soundtrack, created by Jimmy Ienner, generated two multi-platinum albums and multiple singles.

She’s Like The Wind also features vocals from singer Wendy Fraser.

Listens to the full song on YouTube: