Virgin Media Advert Song – Skatergirl

Here is the new Virgin Media advert in 2022 titled ‘Skatergirl’ that shows how ‘We’re better connected’. In the ad we see a young skater girl called Aamira who falls over at a skate park while other skaters watch on. Videos of her accident get posted online and she thinks that her mishap is embarrassingly being shared amongst her fellow peers.

However, her friends react in a more supporting manner. The commercial says “Happens To Everyone” and we see the girl being cheered on at the skate park after persevering and nailing her skateboarding.

The advert concludes by telling viewers that Virgin Media is ‘The UK’s fastest major broadband provider’.

The music in the Virgin Media advert

Song: This Is Me
Artist: Kullah (feat. Jessy Covets)
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2020

The music in the 2022 Virgin Media advert is a song called ‘This Is Me’ released in 2020 by American producers Kullah and Jessy Covets.

Listen to the full song on YouTube: