DuGuud Advert Music

This new advert campaign by investment company Duguud promotes its brand with a simple slogan in the middle of the screen with a white background.

Inside the lettering we see a sneak preview of the work that some of the companies do who have invested with Duguud. At the same time a female voice-over says “Duguud only invests in comanies that do good”. Some of the examples shown are renewable energy companies, scientific research, environmental and preservation projects. This new brand is a trading name of Amberside Capital Ltd.

The music in the DuGuud advert

Music: Perpetuum Mobile | Artist : The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

The piano music in the Duguud advert is a piece called “Perpetuum Mobile” (translates to perpetual motion in English) by English pop band The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The song was released in 1987 as part of their studio album ‘Signs of Live’.

This music has been used widely in tv and radio programmes, including the theme of Australian stop-motion animated film Mary and Max (2009) and the tv adaptation of The Handmaids Tale.

Written in 15/8 time , the melody appears to end and repeat on beat sooner than expected, giving it the feel of a perpetual motion device.

Swedish DJ Avicci sampled the distinctive melody from Perpetuum Mobile for his song “Fade into Darkness”. He slowed down the tempo.

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