Hargreaves Lansdown – Life In Neon – Advert Song

Here’s the 2022 Lansdown Hargreaves advert titled “Life In Neon” which shows various people taking advantage of the finance company’s investments, savings and pension services. In the colourful commercial we see people investing for the future while they are surrounded by neon lights.

Lansdown Hargreaves is a British financial service company based in Bristol which sells funds, shares and related products to retail investors in the UK.

The music in the Hargreaves Lansdown “Life In Neon” advert

Music: Color Decay | Artist : Júníus Meyvant

The music in the Lansdown Hargreaves neon advert is a song called “Color Decay” recorded in 2014 by Vestmann Islands born singer-songwriter Júníus Meyvant. The track features on Júníus’ 2016 album titled Floating Harmonies.

In the ad, we hear the lyrics:
“Little like the flowers of debate
(Stood by me in trials)
Of moving into place
(Stood by me in trials)
From gloom to grace”


“Is so wonderful
Way beyond
Belief and dreams”

Listen to the full song on this official YouTube video:

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