eToro Advert Song – Fly Me To The Moon

This advert by eToro, an Israeli-based trading platform invites viewers to discover the power of social investing.

In the ad, we see what appears to be a flying swarm of millions of people who are sharing ideas and investing in stocks, sharing strategies ideas and beyond. The swarm flies between sky scrapers, forms a huge thumbs up shape and recruits more member along the way.

A voice-over in the advert goes on to explain that eToro is both an investment app and a social network where “people share ideas on one friendly, secure and easy to use platform”.

One woman in the swarm shakes hands with a man who wishes to join and says “To the Moon?”. A phrase often used in the investment world to signify an impending price increase to a stock or currency. More recently, the phrase is commonly used in the world of cryptocurrency where investors expect a cryptocurrency to literally go off the charts in value.

The music in the eToro advert

Music: Fly Me to the Moon (cover) | Artist : *Unidentified*

The music in the eToro advert is a cover version of the 1954 song ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ that was written by American composer and songwriter Bart Howard. The first recording of the song was performed by American singer Kaye Ballard.

Perhaps the most famous recording is that of the 1964 version by American singer and actor Frank Sinatra which was closely associated with the Apollo missions to the Moon at the time. Sinatra’s version was even played on cassette player on both Apollo 10 and the infamous Apollo 11 mission before the first Moon landing.

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