Experian Advert Music – Chameleon

Experian have released this new advert featuring a Chameleon in a bath. The commercial advises viewers ‘Before you do Credit Cards. Do Experian first’.

The ad begins with a man on his phone while having a bath surrounded by lot of bubbles and candles. Suddenly a well camouflaged lizard changes colour to appear from the white bubbles changing to purple.

The lizard appears to talk saying ‘Woah hold up mate. Quite a lot of bubbles for an adult”. It then goes on to advice on applying for a new credit card. It explains that “comparing credit cards with Experian first can get you a way better deal”.

The music in the Experian advert

Song: Hustlin’
Artist: Rick Ross
Album: Port of Miami
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2006

The music in the Experian Chameleon advert is a song called ‘Husslin’ recorded in 2006 by American rapper Rick Ross.

The song features the repeating lyrics “Everyday I’m Huslin’ hustlin'” and was recorded for the his album ‘Port of Miami’.

Listen to the full track on the official YouTube music video: