Barlcays Advert Music – Out of Space

This new 2021 Barclays advert titled ‘Master your Moneyverse’ shows a father cleaning up the house and noticing an electricity bill.

He then decides to load his Barclays app where he is transported to his “Moneyverse” where the Barclays app helps him to see where he’s going with his money. A voice-over says “Welcome to your moneyverse. Here you can see your entire relationship with money”. To which the man tentatively responds “That’s handy”.

The man grows in confidence as the Barclays app helps him see where his money is going so he can make a plan.

The music in the Barclays “Master your Moneyverse” advert

Music: Out of Space | Artist : The Prodigy

The music in the 2021 Barclays advert is taken from the 1976 reggae song ‘Chase the Devil’ by Jamaican reggae artist Max Romeo. However, the song was famously sampled by English electronic dance band The Prodigy in 1992 for their track titled “Out of Space”. It is likely that the Prodigy’s track is the intended reference for this advert given the title.

Also, those keen eared viewers will notice when the music changes in the advert, we hear a slowed down version of the famous riff from The Prodigy’s Out of Space track. Below you can hear both versions from YouTube.

Max Romeo – “Chase the Devil” vocals heard in the advert

The Prodigy “Out of Space” containing a sample of the above vocal

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