Intel Advert Song – The Power of Do

Intel have launched this advert titled ‘The Power of Do’ as part of their new branding campaign.

The commercial featuring music by Sia highlights the power of the word ‘Do’ and compares it to Intel powered AI, Cloud and 5G “there’s no limit to what we can do”. The powerful ‘do it together’ message encourages viewers to “do something wonderful” with the help of their Intel powered devices.

The music in the Intel Power of Do advert

Music: Unstoppable | Artist : Sia

The music in the Intel The Power of Do advert is a song called ‘Unstoppable’ released in 2016 by Australian singer-songwriter Sia. The song was released from Sia’s seventh studio album ‘This is Acting’.

Sia’s powerful songs are popular in TV advertising with examples coming from Miss Dior, The BBC and Lancôme to name a few.

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