Easyjet Dreams Advert Music – Imagine

Easyjet have begun airing their ‘Imagine’ advert from two years ago now again in 2021.

The advert set to the backing of music by Cat Power shows a passenger gazing out of the window. We are then taken on a dream-like flight to a range of destinations from a Skiing holiday to a hot beach and city destinations. The commercial concludes by saying ‘Imagine where we can take you’.

This advert appears to fit perfectly with current times as millions of people dream of going on holiday after the lock-down restrictions. This is likely why this advert is now airing as a 2021 Easyjet commercial.

The music in the 2021 Easyjet Dreams advert

Music: Dreams | Artist : Cat Power

The music in the Easyjet Imagine advert in 2021 is a song called ‘Dreams’ released in 2006 as a bonus track performed by American singer-songwriter Cat Power (real name Charlyn “Chan” Marshall).

The song as actually a cover version of the 1958 song ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’ written by Boudleaux Bryant. Many will know that this song was made famous by the Everly Brothers recording the same year.

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