BBC Seven Worlds, One Planet – Trailer

This BBC trailer for a new David Attenborough documentary Seven Worlds, One Planet showcases the latest natural history landmark from BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. The documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough highlights the rich diversity of Earth’s seven continents and what makes each one unique.

This extended version of the trailer was first aired (and introduced by Sir David Attenborough) at Glastonbury Festival to a huge crowd on 30 June, 2019 shortly before Kylie Minogue’s set.

The music in the trailer

Music: Hans Zimmer Feat. Sia | Artist : Out There

The music in the BBC Seven Worlds, One Planet Trailer is a song called “Out There” recorded in a collaboration between German film score composer Hans Zimmer and Australian singer-songwriter Sia.

The track is not currently available on iTunes but will likely be released for commercial download soon… Watch this space….